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ric leather jacket portrait


I’ve been living in Cape Town and working in advertising for almost two decades, aside from a year spent working in London and three years getting a film degree at The International Film School Sydney. I recently concluded ten years working at Platypus Cape Town, where I had the chance to really flesh out my director’s portfolio.

I enjoy working on short films for the quick turnaround buzz, as well as combining my passions for cinema and music through directing music videos. I’m also an avid photographer, with a specific focus on interesting places, intimate portraits and live events. Ultimately I would like to tour the world with a great metal band. I’ve been a long-term member of Cape Town acts Last One Alive and Atlantic South, and am currently working on my solo project, Sundergeist.

Other qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UCT, a Sound Engineering Diploma from Cape Audio College and a Certificate of Ordination from the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.